Curious about what we’ve been up to? Check out and select one of our 5 great programs to hear our trailer for our upcoming season! Are you interested in intersectional feminism, trans rights, hormones, anti racism, or all of the above? Check out Taking Up Space! Taking Up Space What about decolonizing the frameworks […]

Learn more about the deep roots of Art in the Victoria community and beyond.  Can you explain what your favorite painting sounds like? Artscape producer Sabine explores the connection between sight and sound in this episode of Artscape.  

  We are looking for participants in Taking Up Space, CFUV’s NEW Intersectional Feminism spoken word program! Taking Up Space is a spoken word program that focuses on issues of Intersectional feminism in the Victoria community, as part of the CFUV Speaks project. This new program will focus on topics that are pertinent to marginalized groups, […]

CFUV is seeking Podcasters & Writers for a fleet of new spoken word programs! There is exciting new stuff happening with the spoken word and podcasting department! We’re gearing up to launch FIVE new shows over the span of a year. If you have a podcast, or want to make a podcast, or even want to […]

CFUV is accepting original scripts from now until January 15, 2017 for our spring audio fiction production. Our team will produce an hour-long cinematic audio experience. Our ideal script has: Scenes with opportunity for imaginative sound design Engaging dialogue No more than six central characters A plot driven narrative Submit scripts to

  Students looking for a place to rent in Victoria: our campus news program wants to hear your voice and stories! Did you find it difficult to rent a place? Are you still looking for a place? Did you come across anything unexpected and weird? U in the Ring wants your stories. Please write to Miyoko […]

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