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Sleepy City is a new documentary podcast from CFUV’s Documentary Producer Liz McArthur.    Check it out on the website here. New episodes will be released every two weeks. Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia. It’s a government and tech town with a big tourist industry. It has been described as “little Britain” […]

CFUV’s Documentary Lab workshops will take place on July 7 & 8th in SUB B025. Interested individuals can contact Alyssa Hrenyk, Coordinator of Volunteers at CFUV, at or by phone at 250-721-8702. Liz McArthur, CFUV’s Radio Documentary Producer, will cover technical skills as well as soft skills for interviewing techniques and storytelling. If you […]

                Our Community Affairs Department is currently looking for volunteers who would like to get involved with: Arts reporting & interviewing Political reporting & interviewing Court reporting & interviewing Show hosting! We are also looking for energetic people to fill our two department volunteer positions. Join our department and develop interview, research […]

            CFUV thanks the Community Radio Fund of Canada for its continued financial support. CFUV is a multiple grant recipient.  The funding has fostered the expansion and growth of our station’s Community Affairs Department and third language programming. CFUV has also benefited from the Youth Internship grant program which funded […]

CFUV’s Beyond the Jargon program is looking for grad students to interview! Ground breaking and exciting work goes on at the University of Victoria, but a non-academic audience’s understanding of that research can be hampered by clear communication. Beyond the Jargon aims to bridge that gap and bring the interesting and compelling stories of UVic’s grad […]


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