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CFUV’s annual fundraising effort FUNDRIVE runs from March 11th to 18th, 2016. Every year we count on support from our listeners to raise $25,000 in 8 days. The first day of Fundrive is our Women’s Radiothon with donations received supporting our Women’s Radio Collective. All other donations received during Fundrive support our equipment purchases and repairs. Donate online now […]

The 2016 Victoria Film Fest provided such a swath of Canadian cinema one would expect a scythe in scale of  Duncan’s majestic hockey stick to be astride the VFF headquarters. Bushels of debut filmmakers were harvested for the Victoria audience’s enjoyment. Kathy Kay and her intrepid army of cinephiles deserve much respect and credit for […]

Trevor Smith’s The Smalls: Forever is a Long Time is a hayshaker of a fan doc that follow’s the band’s 2014 reunion tour and saddles up for a fistful of powder retrospective of the band’s genesis. Mythologies like the smalls are written with John Deere caps, saddle horse eulogies and flocks of Gibson Flying V guitars. […]

Locally filmed by a local director/writer, Connor Gaston, The Devout delves into the emotional of a couple dealing with a terminally ill child. The film moves down an interesting, mystical path to add a new narrative to this often told tale. Their daughter Abigail (Olivia Martin) starts to speak of facts about her past life […]

There always seems to be a little extra excitement when you watch a movie filmed in your hometown. You notice all these little places you have been or walked on a daily basis. That is the case with Nick Simon’s The Girl In The Photographs, the lone horror movie that played this year at Victoria […]

The newest film from Greece’s Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth, ALPS) played for one night in Victoria and has another sold out one coming up in Sidney. This is his first English film and is filled with recognizable names and faces popping up throughout the film. It follows Lanthimos’ trend to have weird settings for his films. […]


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