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Don’t miss out on our Basement Closet Sessions THIS Friday at 3:00 because Victoria all-stars Fortune Killers are performing LIVE and we’re hyped! Switch that dial to CFUV then so YOU can hear their rocking’ alt-pop. Also check out their…

Check out our bandcamp to check out all of our live performances. Local band Teenage Violets performed LIVE on The Fiji Mermaid Vancouver Island all-star Marnna performed LIVE on Outside the Box  Local artist Alyssa Jean Klazek is performed live on our Basement Closet…

CFUV has been cranking out the live performances! Head to our band camp to check them out! Electronic artist R. Ariel performed live on Cold Cuts Vancouver artist Holy Hum  got AMBIENT on The Spins! So make sure to switch that dial to…

Canadian indie rock musician Kathryn Calder (from The New Pornographers!) is performing LIVE on CFUV THIS Friday! Don’t forget to tune into our Basement Closet Sessions Friday at 3:00 to hear her amazing solo music!

Check out our Basement Closet Sessions to hear all of our live performances!

Check out our Basement Closet Sessions band camp to hear their performance Our own Spoken Word Coordinator MAX plays in Death Kart!

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