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CFUV is commemorating it’s 25th Anniversary by collecting memories of the station from throughout the years! The stories will be a part of a special broadcast this Fall. If you have volunteered or worked with CFUV in the past and have a story (or more) to share…

When Fundrive rolls around, we get a LOT of help — from local business donors, of course, but also from very generous people at record labels and distributors we love. What follows is a list of the labels that helped…

As of Friday at Midnight we’ve raised $25,934! Thanks to all our generous donors, hard-working volunteers and local business partners!

CFUV T-Shirts Now Available! Designed by local artist and musician Carey Mercer of Frog Eyes & Blackout Beach American Apparel shirts, $25 each Free with $100+ Donations Shirts are also available for purchase online (+ shipping and tax) using Paypal or…

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Basement Closet Sessions