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In case you’re wondering just where your donation goes, here is just some of the equipment we purcashed in the last year thanks to our donor’s generous support. CD Players for the Onair Booth! Replacement LP Shelves for our library! Remote…

Just click here to and use the Paypal button: If you don’t have a Paypal account you can still donate via Paypal by using a Credit Card.


This year’s Fundrive is on from March 12-19th! Last year’s Fundrive topped all previous totals, we really appreciate our donors support even during these tough economic times. This year our goal is $25,000. All funds raised, outside of the Women’s…

CFUV is commemorating it’s 25th Anniversary by collecting memories of the station from throughout the years! The stories will be a part of a special broadcast this Fall. If you have volunteered or worked with CFUV in the past and have a story (or more) to share…

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Basement Closet Sessions