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We are so thankful for everyone who donated to our beloved little radio station. We made our goal of $35,000 – reaching a grand total of $35,984! Donors like you are what enable us to keep making innovative radio that provides a platform for accessible airwaves, marginalized voices, and Canadian artists. Thank you for helping […]

Thank you so much to all of our amazing Funding Drive sponsors! We surpassed our goal of $35,000 because of YOU! Raine Hamilton Ringing with courageous transformation, rich with inventive melody, steeped with sage lyrics; a witching hour walk through universal love, trust and joy. Check out her incredible music right here!  Zap Copy Zap […]

We love you oh so much Oak Bay Bikes! Thank you for your generous donation (for the third year in a row!) to our annual Funding Drive! Oak Bay Bicycles is a family run bike shop with stores in Victoria and Westshore. The shop originally began in Victoria in 1934 with ownership passing hands a […]

CFUV is extremely thankful for Float House Victoria’s generous donation towards our Funding Drive! We wouldn’t be able to keep doing what we do without donors like you! Floating is today’s most advanced and scientifically proven way of eliminating stress, tension and fatigue from your life. Each float session is rarely the same, and the […]

Did you donate to CFUV this Funding Drive? Were you worried about the fact that our CFUV swag was SO off the hook this year we ran out? DON’T SWEAT IT! We’re ordering more t shirts, sweaters, long sleeves, and totes for all of you lovely donors who supported our amazing little radio station. We’re […]

CFUV is SO grateful for Okanagan Fertilizer‘s extremely generous Funding Drive donation! It’s supporters like you that help keep our station up and running! Since 1976 Okanagan Fertilizer has been improving client productivity with prescription fertility, innovative crop input technologies and superior agronomic support. Okanagan Fertilizer is British Columbia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of fertilizer, […]


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