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Stories From the Land articulates and reinforces indigenous worldview and inherent connection to land via live storytelling events, listener submissions, and sound rich audio documentary. The most recent three episodes were released on August 14th, and features stories and material presented…

 Vancouver garage band Kid Lucifer played at the station LIVE for our Basement Closet Sessions! Check out our Basement Closet Sessions to hear a bunch of live performances!

Check out our Basement Closet Sessions to hear local shredders Cheeks perform live! Make sure you check out our Basement Closet Sessions bancamp to hear their post-industrial/pre-underground lo-fi synthcore mixed with early baroque artpunk.

High Arctic performed a live set on The Fiji Mermaid!  Check out our bandcamp to hear all live performances that happen right here at CFUV.

Local punks Sharky Performed LIVE on the Action Index! Hit up our bandcamp to hear their FINAL live performance! You don’t want to miss out on this one!  

Make sure you check out our Basement Closet Sessions because local shredders RADco brought their heart crushing, unstoppable, rock and roll right here to CFUV for a live performance. Check out our bandcamp for a bunch of live performances here at…

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Basement Closet Sessions