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This morning from 11am-12pm, kids from Science Venture summer camps will be taking over the airwaves at CFUV with a special broadcast! Make sure to tune in for some kid-friendly fun!

Leisure Suit will be performing LIVE in studio TODAY, July 15th, during The Sound Travels 3 to 4pm! Check out their tunes here and make sure to tune in!

[vimeo] Edmonton’s The Fight were recently at CFUV, so make sure to check out this awesome video of their song “Houses”. More videos on the way!

Tune into Spiral Scratch Radio from 3:30-5pm TODAY, July 10th, to hear Daydream Johnny play a live in-studio set, hosted by the fabulous Ali Lopez. Following the set, Daydream Johnny will be playing at the Ministry of Casual Living with…

Edmonton’s The Fight will be playing live in-studio today during Over the Hills from 3-4pm, so make sure to tune in! The Fight will be playing with Horse Girls and Freak Heat Waves later tonight at Lucky Bar, check out…

CFUV is proud to be bringing you more interviews, features and on-air specials via Soundcloud, the online audio distributor! While our podcasts are still available via DailySplice, SoundCloud will contain shorter interviews and specialty broadcasts with easier access. For now,…

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Basement Closet Sessions