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Learn more about the deep roots of Art in the Victoria community and beyond.  Can you explain what your favorite painting sounds like? Artscape producer Sabine explores the connection between sight and sound in this episode of Artscape.  

CFUV wants to thank OAK BAY BIKES and and COMMUNITY RADIO FUND OF CANADA for their support of Full Circle! This new program is filled with local stories and mysteries. Want to know how The Atrium, a staple of modern architecture in downtown Victoria, lives up to present-day standards of sustainability? Architect and designer of the […]

CFUV is looking for original scripts to produce as part of the brand new Spoken Word program CFUV Speaks! Our ideal script has: – a run time of around 60 – 80 minutes and can be cut into 3 – 4 parts. -scenes for opportunity with imaginative sound design – no more than five central characters – innovative […]

♢♢♢ CFUV and Integrate Art Society (Integrate Arts Festival) are putting on a podcasting workshop for YOU! ♢♢♢ If you have ever considered podcasting, radio, interviewing, or audio production this is a wonderful way to get some experience, and it’s coming up soon! ♢♢♢ This event will take place over a period of two days. One will learn how to record […]

Stories From the Land articulates and reinforces indigenous worldview and inherent connection to land via live storytelling events, listener submissions, and sound rich audio documentary. The most recent three episodes were released on August 14th, and features stories and material presented by Janet Rogers (Mohawk/Tuscarora spoken word artist and former CFUV host of Native Waves Radio), […]

What Binds Us by CFUV and Shaun O’Leary This documentary is called “What Binds Us“. It focuses on women in sports. In detail, to the point it speaks volumes about women’s rights in sports and how female athletes are often under appreciated. What Binds Us states that men are higher paid and considered greater than […]


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