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Written by on 09/08/2014

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) published It’s Your CRTC! Your 5-minute Guide to Understanding and Participating in Our Activities to inform Canadians about how to participate in its activities and proceedings and why that’s important.

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This initiative is part of a number of steps the CRTC is taking to make it easier for Canadians to take part in its public proceedings. This includes better informing Canadians about what the CRTC does and reaching out to Canadians in diverse ways, whether by translating some documents in American Sign Language and Langue des signes québecoise or through short videos posted on YouTube.

These efforts are aimed at trying to connect with Canadians on issues that affect their daily lives. According to Statistics Canada, communication services represent the fifth largest family expense for Canadian households. The CRTC wants citizens to make informed choices and get the most out of their investment.

There are many opportunities for citizens to participate and provide input to the CRTC, whether online, via conventional means, such as mail or phone, or through social media.

Quick Facts

• Canadians spend an average of $191/month on communication products and services, the fifth largest family expense.

• Listening to Canadians is critical for the CRTC. When people told us their cell phone contracts were confusing, and roaming charges onerous, we held consultations that led to the development of a wireless code.

• The CRTC regularly conducts public proceedings so that individuals can share their views in a variety of ways on important issues.



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