CFUV @ VFF: The Devout

Written by on 02/15/2016


Locally filmed by a local director/writer, Connor Gaston, The Devout delves into the emotional of a couple dealing with a terminally ill child. The film moves down an interesting, mystical path to add a new narrative to this often told tale. Their daughter Abigail (Olivia Martin) starts to speak of facts about her past life with knowledge a 4 year old could not have learned. During this tumultuous time it challenges the beliefs of the parents for they live in a small tight knit religious community. The father is the first to explore these thoughts out of the need to know if he can see his daughter again. The best moments are between the nuclear family in this film. Young Olivia Martin shines in many scenes and the 3 that make up the family are definitely some of the strongest performances from the film. The premise really felt fresh and not rehashed, which made this a worthwhile film to check out. Keep an eye out for another chance to see The Devout.

-Troy Lemberg

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