FM Chips in Smart Phones!

Written by on 05/22/2016

Some interesting news for all the radio lovers out there!

 The NCRA is about to launch a campaign to pressure major telecoms (Rogers, Bell, Telus etc) and manufacturers to enable the  “fm chip”, which most smart phones already have, but are not actually active.

As most of us have probably had the experience of going over their monthly data usage once, twice or ten times – we know that this is how these organizations make money, however, to enable these chips means limiting data usage (yay for us, not so much for them).

National Campus and Community Radio Association, a collective of 95 non-profit stations across the country, have teamed up to launch


Some pretty solid reasons as to WHY the FM chip needs to be turned on:

  • Saves 3x the battery life of your phone – compared to streaming services

  • Saves 20x the data use on your phone – compared to streaming services

  • Allows for emergency broadcasting and public safety alerts as mandated in the NPAS system

  • Allows individuals with hearing and other disabilities to access technology to aid in communication

With those FM chips active, that means there is more opportunity for the FM stations to be accessible which is what were all about!

Stay tuned friends!

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