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CFUV @ VFF 2017



The Victoria Film Festival runs from February 3 – 12 and CFUV will be there for it. Follow along here on our blog as our festival correspondents Troy Lemberg and Janine Bandcroft try and see as many films as they can. Troy will be supplying a lot of reviews, while Janine has already started with interviews! You can also follow Janine’s reviews on her own website and hear her interviews on Winds Of Change on every other Thursday at 11am.


Return to this page to keep updated as coverage comes in!

Troy’s Festival Preview / Kick Off

Interview: Jeremy Lutter – The Hollow Child

Interview: Trevor Meier – A New Economy

Interview: Donovan Aikman, VFF Head Programmer

Review: Weirdos (Troy)

Review: Pays(Boundaries)

Review: Free Fire

Review: Personal Shopper

Review: India In A Day

Review: Weirdos (Janine)

Review: Before The Streets

Review: Abacus: Small Enough To Jail

Interview: Peter Svaytek, Theatre Of Life

Review: Theatre Of Life

Interview: Zaynê Akyol, Gulîstan Land of Roses

Review: The Prison In Twelve Landscapes

Review: The Borneo Case

Review: The Apology

Review: The Skyjacker’s Tale

Review: My Life As A Zucchini

Review: The Islands and the Whales

Review: Thanks, Boss!


Visit VFF online for a full schedule, tickets, and more!

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