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CFUV @ VFF 2017: Review Weirdos



It was such a pleasure to catch Bruce Mcdonald’s newest film, Weirdos at VFF this year. Definitely a great way to start off the fest with what I view as one of Canada’s greatest Directors making Canadian films. The film itself looks beautiful, from the black and white images to the Nova Scotian landscape we see between Antigonish and Sydney Nova Scotia.


The film follows two fifteen-year-old teens, Alice (Julia Sarah Stone) & Kit (Dylan Authors), as they venture to Sydney both under different pretenses. Kit running away to live with his mother and Alice his girlfriend going to convince him to come back with her. We follow them on this trip as they each must deal with the sexuality, separated parents, and their respective futures. Their hitchhiking adventure is backed by a carefully crafted soundtrack of 70s Canadian songs from bands like Crowbar, Edward Bear, Stampeders. This music is often worked in digetically throughout the two teens travels. Kip may be the runaway but Alice is our eyes for this story and her eyes captivate the screen as we adventure from Antigonish, to the beach, to Sydney.


If you enjoy a good coming of age story or a road trip adventure with lighthearted or “lucky” moments compiled with revelations that happen in a coming of age story, Weirdos may be the film you need to catch!  It will be playing again Feb 4th at 1PM at Silvercity.


Catch more of our coverage of VFF here.

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