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CFUV @ VIFF2017: Free Fire


Ben Wheatley’s newest film Free Fire is not what you would expect in the slightest! It is billed as a comedy-thriller and Wheatley once again succeeds in subverting a genre movie to his needs much like what he did with Sightseers as a horror-comedy. The cast here is definitely stellar, Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer and many more.


The film is set in 1970s Boston where a gun deal is arranged between an IRA buyer and South African gun runner. It starts off with quips and leads to escalated tensions and shots are fired leading to the oddest shoot out I have ever seen on film. Everyone has guns yet no one is ever in control of the events at any time. This is essentially a masterfully made and edited film that takes place all in one local with the majority of the beginning of the film happening in one large room.


They make a parody of gun violence and even joke that you have an hour and a half after being shot before it will cause serious problems which is also the length of the film. Everyone gets shot, everyone has quips with each other. Armie Hammer was the biggest delight for myself playing Ord who helped set South African gun runner Vern up with this deal and acts as liaison and muscle.


-Troy Lemberg


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