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CFUV @ VIFF 2017: Personal Shopper

personal shopper


I put off watching the last Oliver Assayas film for almost 2 years before falling in love with it this last year. Now I got the chance to go see his next film Personal Shopper at VFF. It once again reunites Assayas with Kristen Stewart who plays a personal shopper for a famous individual and on her own time a medium trying to contact her recently deceased twin brother.


We are first introduced to Kristen character Maureen as she delves into the spirit world in an old house outside of Paris. Building what one would think would be a dark and mysterious picture involving frights and haunts. This is broken up the next day as we find her in the day to day as a personal shopper which her character abhors. The film works through Maureen’s day to day with fantastic fades for edits leaving some shots a tad earlier than one would expect of most films. Maureen is waiting as she tells one character and you can sense her unease as she waits for the answers and responses she expects or expected to come by this point.


The film leaves more open to interpretation than most viewers would generally care for in a film. Especially late film resolution of plot. I can say that I enjoy the possibilities of the ending despite parts of the location shots feeling superfluous and more just an excuse to go shoot in another country than adding much substance. I would suggestion this film to certain friends of mine and perhaps you would fit in this category.


-Troy Lemberg


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