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CFUV @ VFF 2017: Weirdos


This year CFUV sponsored two VFF films: Bruce McDonald’s ‘Weirdos,’ and ‘I Called him Morgan’ about renowned trumpeter Lee Morgan. I saw the February 4th screening of Weirdos, and I’m really glad I did.

Set in black and white 1970s Nova Scotia, it’s a sombre yet delightful (delightful yet sombre) look at what’s it like to realize and admit you’re a gay 15 year old boy with a rather lovable yet confused (confused yet lovable) mom, a potentially homophobic dad, a friend who you love who’s a girl (who thinks she’s your girlfriend), and an “I’ll love you no matter what” grandmother.

From a 21st century west coast fluidity-of-gender-makes-sense-perspective, it’s obvious early on that Kit is gay, or at least having feelings about boys. It’s not just the Elton John poster in his bedroom, or the way he so comfortably cuddles up with the boy in the crowded back seat of the car they catch a ride in, there are hints of it throughout via the music, the clothing, the cinematography, the movement and positioning and delicate interactions.

We’re continually yet subtly (sometimes not so subtly) reminded about the general angst of teenagehood and life generally, the confusion, the uncertainty, the searching, the awkwardness. Whether 1975 or 2017, whether you’re 15 or 55, the quest for purpose, meaning, a sense of self is always a part of life’s journey.
Bruce McDonald and the team that created this delightful yet unsettling (unsettling yet delightful) movie invested considerable energy to ensure every shot, every angle, is precisely crafted. Do yourself a favour and watch for it on Netflix, or somewhere like that. It’s worth it.




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