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CFUV @ VFF 2017: Theatre Of Life


Theatre of Life is a kind of “Food Not Bombs” Italian style, except with professional chefs, a renovated dining hall, and table service.


Ironically, the concept was conceived during Milan’s Expo 2015 whose theme was Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.  Massimo Bottura had the brilliant idea of taking uncooked food waste from the Expo (and other places) and inviting impoverished people to join a community of chefs and filmmakers for the short term purpose of nourishment and community, and the longer term faith in a greater awareness prompting more permanent change.


Theatre of Life’s second show is already sold out, but at the time of this posting tickets are still available for the first screening February 10th, 6:15 at Silver City.  And, I have it on good authority that it’ll be on Netflix sometime in the future so watch for it!


Check out the trailer, and you can listen to an interview with writer and director Peter Svaytek here.



For more of CFUV’s VFF coverage click here.

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