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CFUV and Shaun O’Leary Present: What Binds Us, a Documentary About Women in Sports

What Binds Us by CFUV and Shaun O’Leary

This documentary is called “What Binds Us“. It focuses on women in sports. In detail, to the point it speaks volumes about women’s rights in sports and how female athletes are often under appreciated.

What Binds Us states that men are higher paid and considered greater than women at their sport. What Binds Us argues that this is not true and emphasizes how amazing female athletes are.

It includes women rower and Canadian Sports Hall of Famer Silken Laumann, track star and Canada’s first female to win a world championship Perdita Felicien, Canada’s most decorated Paralympic swimmer of all time time Stephanie Dixon, Canada’s first gold medalist in swimming in the Olympics in 24 years Penny Oleksiak, Team Canada’s rugby physiotherapist Kiyomi Thompson, and the only√ā¬†Paralympian of all time to win gold medals in two different sports Michelle Stilwell, she is now a member of the BC Legislative Assembly.

It was a real special experience to do this full length documentary and I thank all of my interviewees. This documentary also features music, a song called Women Round Town by Josh Armistead.
I hope you enjoy my project! Check it out below.

About Shaun O’Leary: The creator of this documentary

Hello, my name is Shaun O’Leary. I am a big hockey fan. In my time with CFUV I have interviewed 38 athletes but my favourite project is doing documentaries. My first documentary was about the National Disabled Sailing Association of Canada, it is called Let’s Go For A Sail. My new documentary is called What Binds Us. It focuses on women in sports.
I am 31 years old and attended UVic from 2009-2013. I am a proud Canadian and love visiting different cities. My favourite place to visit is Minnesota to watch the Minnesota Wild play, my favourite team.

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