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VFF 2018: Double Lover Review

L’Amant Double | Double Lover


François Ozon’s latest feature, Double Lover is a dramatic thriller that is well paced for its 107 min run time. Double Lover follows Chloé (Marine Vacth), a woman who has went through all the means to explain her stomach pains that she now seeks out a psychoanalyst to explain her symptoms. After a time she falls in love with Paul (Jérémie Renier) and they move in together. This leads to discovering secrets in Paul’s past and the discovery of an identical twin Louis who is also a shrink. Driven by an urge to learn more about Paul who knows so much about her from sessions but very little about the man she adores she starts to see Louis as a patient. The film plays on Cronenberg themes from Dead Ringer and some of his tension and body horror. We are often lost in Chloé’s understanding of the events and past as these two men exist. I felt similarities to Villeneuve’s Enemy yet Double Lover offers a better closing interpretation for those who want a logical end.



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