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Check out all of the LIVE performances during FUNDING DRIVE!

Ohh you like innovative radio? Then you’ll LOVE all of the live performances CFUV has planned for Funding Drive!

Over this week long period of fundraising for our beloved radio station there will be a total of 19 live performances by some amazing local musicians! Check out the schedule below!

Friday, March 16th – FIRST DAY OF FUNDING DRIVE!

1:00 pm – Ora Cogan

3:00 pm – generalgruff

6:00 pm – Mystery Lover

7:00 pm – Smoke Eaters

8:00 pm – NOVEL

Saturday, March 17th

7:00 pm – Katabat

Sunday, March 18th

12:30 pm – Pablo Cardenas

3:30 pm – Kirsten Ludwig

Monday, March 19th

3:00 pm – Vase

4:00 pm – Carson Redden

8:00 – 10:00 pm – Sophie Noel, Dog Indiana, Cartoon Lizard

Tuesday, March 20th

3:00 pm – Formidable Liquorice

4:00 pm – Redress

Wednesday, March 21st

3:00 pm – TBA

Thursday, March 22nd

2:00 pm – Screaming at Traffic

Friday, March 23rd – LAST DAY OF FUNDING DRIVE

1:00 pm – Looelle

3:00 pm – Kellarisa / Devour

4:00 pm – Teenage Wedding

6:00 pm – Grossbustter + Orilla

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