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Do you want to make podcasts? Volunteer with the podcast production team!

CFUV is launching the 2nd season of our 5 spoken word programs. We’ve revised the structure and goals of the programs, and are trying something entirely new!
We’ll be making hour long radio documentary style podcasts based in storytelling and high quality production.

There are 3 exciting volunteer roles to fill for each of the 8 episodes that will be produced over the course of 8 months.
If you’d like to volunteer on the podcast production team, you can come in for the training for a role you’re interested in and attend that episode’s story meeting.
See BetterImpact for all the story meetings and trainings!

The 3 volunteer roles are:
The Researcher is the champion of the main idea for the episode, and will be doing the foundational research, gathering information on main characters and important locations, and working on the general theme of the episode. They will also be contributing to voicing the episode and the script.
The Interviewer plays a large role in developing the story behind each episode and connecting with the characters and setting. They will be creating the interview questions, conducting pre interviews and interviews, and collecting other relevant tape
The Editor/ScriptWriter will be managing the tape that is collected, have a strong stylistic influence on the episode, and be instrumental in the creation of the final piece. They will transcribe the tape, contribute to the script, and do the editing that synthesizes the episode’s various elements.
**All of these roles can be shared among two or more people per episode**

You’ll practice on industry standard broadcast equipment, and learn professional podcasting skills for all your future radio making endeavours! Sign up on BetterImpact and make some great radio with us!
If you have any questions or any of the training dates don’t work for you, please get in touch with me directly and we’ll find a time that works.
I can be reached at

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