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CFUV @ VFF 2019: The Other Rio

THE OTHER RIO a film by Émilie B. Guérette – TRAILER from Les Films du 3 mars on Vimeo.

While the a lavish celebration of the 2016 Summer Olympics was occurring in Rio de Janeiro, a community of people made their home in an abandoned government building only a few blocks away, watching the Olympics on static-filled televisions and making their living by selling candy to Olympic tourists. Quebecois filmmaker Émilie B. Guérette brings us a quiet, yet powerful film, with poignant cinematography that engages with its subjects on a non-hierarchical level and allows them to share their stories.

Despite the economic hardship, gang violence, and limited resources, the residents of the IBGE building demonstrate a profound sense of hope and resilience that encourages a first-world viewer to examine their own positionality. The Other Rio successfully depicts the deeply problematic discrepancy between large tourist industry of the Olympics and the realities of the people who inhabit the cities they are hosted in. A visually stunning, subtle, and moving film that is a must-see for any documentary lover.

The Other Rio will be screening Feb 4th, 9pm at Capitol 6. Tickets can be purchased online at

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