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Listen to the trailers for the upcoming season of all your favourite local podcasts!

Curious about what we’ve been up to? Check out and select one of our 5 great programs to hear our trailer for our upcoming season!

Are you interested in intersectional feminism, trans rights, hormones, anti racism, or all of the above? Check out Taking Up Space!
Taking Up Space

What about decolonizing the frameworks from which we view the world, and hearing stories from BIPOC folks about exoticization, preserving language, and futureisms? Head over to Full Circle!
Full Circle

If you like stories about underground music scenes, bringing music to the frontlines, representation, and opera, check out All Access for all things local music
All Access

U in the Ring keeps you in the know about all the goings on around campus- for everything from the history of territorial acknowledgments at UVic to the lacking mental health services for students to a behind the scenes look at the real life impacts of the UVic Confessions and Crushes Facebook page. Plus a two part series on what really happen to the UVic bunnies (!)
U in the Ring

Play on Words is CFUV’s fictional and experimental podcast. We contend with questions like, what is time? How can data from space be turned into audible sounds for a different understanding of space? How are sounds from the natural world, and other inputs from our senses used as indicators for Indigenous law? Also a special radio drama written by CFUV volunteer Melanie Lum.
Play on Words

All our spoken word programs will launch in June. Subscribe, rate, and review wherever you get your podcasts!

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