Frontperson on Basement Closet Sessions!

Written by on 07/09/2019

Frontperson joins us this week on Basement Closet Sessions

Make sure to tune in at 3pm on Friday, or catch it online.

Frontperson is the new project from Kathryn Calder (vocalist and keyboardist for The New Pornographers) and Mark Andrew Hamilton (who has released 6 albums as Woodpigeon). The songs of Frontrunner make for an auspicious debut, forging a union between two of Canada’s finest songwriters. Be it Calder’s fluttering vocals on ‘Young Love’, the crashing percussion and crumbling instruments of ‘The City is Mine’, the hushed and pulsing elegy of ‘Insight’ or the layered queer epic ‘He Follows Me’, Frontrunner marks Frontperson’s musical territory as unique and altogether new.

Frontperson will be performing some tunes for us this Friday July 12th at 3pm.

You can preview there music on their bandcamp:


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