Review: Praises – EP Three

Written by on 06/15/2020

For several years now, Beliefs member Jesse Crowe has performed solo as Praises. It is an outlet for their more personal statements in music. Lucky for all of us.

‘EP THREE’ finds Crowe bold and confident, as they create dark, atmospheric spaces into which we are invited. Our acceptance is hesitant because these spaces are almost nightmarish, but the pay-off is immense. “I Don’t Want to Ask” has vocals that echo and disappear into the surrounding gloom, as mournful piano descends and pounding percussion threatens. “Shadow of a Doubt” has perhaps more grace, but it is equally mournful as it explores a more trip-hop groove. Nestled between these two tracks lies the most frightening track of all: “Hunter”. Detuned piano lends an air of dread and anxiety, while Crowe’s vocals are somehow more powerful through the flattening (deadening) of certain notes.

Kudos should go to the great production of Crowe’s long-time collaborator Josh Korody, even though the dark landscapes are intimate and very much Crowe’s own.

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