CFUV is a non-profit, volunteer organization!

We have all kinds of volunteer opportunities, from hosting a radio show to behind the scenes work. 

Anyone interested in volunteering must complete a volunteer application:

Please take your time completing the application; the Operations Director will review them all and accept volunteers on a priority basis, based on responses. Accepted applications will be invited to attend an Info Session!

The Info Session provides the opportunity to learn more about CFUV, ask questions, and get an update on our available volunteer opportunities and training. The info session will cover all 6 of our volunteer teams and the activities within each team! Wondering what the teams are and what they do? Check them out below!

FAQ’s about volunteering at CFUV

Q: Do you have to be a Uvic student to volunteer?
A: Nope! CFUV is open to all applicants. However, there are a few times in the year when we prioritize UVic students. Contact the Operations Director (volunteer@cfuv.ca) for more info.

Q: I have no experience with audio or broadcasting. Is that a pre-req?
A: Definitely not. CFUV staff will provide all of the necessary training and no previous experience is required.

Q: I want to get involved, but I work during on weekdays. Can I still contribute?
A: Yeah! There are variety of volunteer positions, many of which are available in the weekends and evenings. While most training sessions occur during staff hours, the staff are always willing to be as flexible as possible! Just send us an email and we’ll do what we can to accommodate your work schedule!

Q: I filled out my application! What’s next?
A: The next step is to sign up for a CFUV Info Session. There you will find out more information about CFUV as an organization, and what kinds of training opportunities and trainings we offer. The Info Session is a group session with lots of time for Q&A in person. The Operations Director will contact you to schedule an info session!

Q: I want to be involved, but I don’t want to host a radio program… Is that an obligation?
A: While we are always looking for new programmers, volunteers are not obligated to go on-air. We have a bunch of other opportunities available to choose from ranging from photography, performance support, production, and podcasting.

Q: If I go on-air, do I need to practice a “radio voice?”
A: We have good news for you! We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about radio, podcasts, music and arts. None of our volunteer positions call for a “radio voice.” We want you to sound like yourself.

Q: If I go on-air,I know you’re a volunteer organization, but are there ever paid opportunities?
A: CFUV has a few permanent staff: Station Manager, Program Director, Operations Director, and Music Director. Throughout the year (and depending on grants) we will also have a variety of other full- and part-time positions available. Whenever a position opens up we make a point to share it with our volunteers as well as the general public. So keep your eye on those emails and check our website regularly!

Q: I’ve volunteered at other stations, do I really need all this training?
A: Yes. This is very important as we cover the policies and rules that are unique to CFUV. Without that crucial information, it’ll be a lot harder for you to settle in to CFUV. We want your time with us to be enjoyable and learning about us through our training is a vital part of that.

Q: I love CFUV, but I don’t know if volunteering is for me. How else can I support CFUV?
A: You can also support CFUV by donating! We have an annual funding drive, but we will also accept donations throughout the year. Check out supportcfuv.ca if you’d like to make a donation! HUGE thank you in advance for the support!


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