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We are really into Podcasts here at CFUV, it’s another way for us to have our ear to the ground and stay in touch with you, and with the community! So check out what we have on the docket, and then come back AGAIN and check for updates!

We have podcasts of CFUV’s Live Performances, Community Affairs and our Basement Closet Sessions (live music in our studio) programming to keep you and your ears happy!

NDNs on the Airwaves is a radio documentary produced by longtime and loyal volunteer Janet Rogers, who also hosts Native Waves Radio!

Artscape is a community arts program that looks at all the creative people and happenings in and around Victoria, BC. Artscape also features local music, interviews, movie, theatre and book reviews. #listenlocal

Sleepy City is a podcast about micro cultures in Victoria and the people who fit into them. The aim is to highlight unique, offbeat and compelling stories from an otherwise sleepy city. Liz McArthur hosts, edits and produces the show and takes a playful approach to production and editing to bring a fresh, engaging sound to the stories featured in the podcast.

And for all of your other listening needs check out CFUV 101.9 FM’s Sound Cloud!



CFUV's quarterly music magazine.

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