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CFUV’s Women’s Radio Collective History

Specialized self-identified women and ‘queer’ inclusive programming began at CFUV in 1984, when Lauri Nerman created a program called Invoice that focused on women and their music. This show has since been renamed twice: first to Beating Time and then to its present name Big Broad Cast. The show is hosted by rotating on-air volunteers and currently airs on Thursday evenings from 8:00 – 9pm.

Ninety-eighty-five marked the creation of Hag Company, a program focusing on women’s community news and current events which was subsequently renamed Women On Air.

Dyke Dimension, a radio program focusing on lesbian issues, started in 1995. In 1997, the program was renamed Girls’ Night In to be inclusive of queer women who do not identify themselves as lesbian. Contact us if you are interested in contributing to a queer women’s program.

Longtime CFUV volunteer and staff member Lindsay Sung started Token Zone in 1996. This show was dedicated to exploring music and issues relevant to women of colour.

Self-identified women play an important role as volunteer programmers and staff members at CFUV. Over the years, all the executive and staff positions at CFUV have been filled by self-identified women and self-identified women and gender fluid people continue to play a vital role in the administration of CFUV.

Add to our history! We know there are lots of people and events that haven’t been included in this brief history. Please share your stories!

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