CFUV 25 Years

CFUV 1984-2009To mark CFUV’s 25th anniversary, Georgie Wilson, one of the station’s hardest-working volunteers, worked tirelessly to collect voices and memories from our cummulative past.  After contacting former staff, long-time programmers, and current contributors, the many interviews were compiled into this four part series.  Thanks to everyone who helped with the project.

Here’s to twenty-five more years of great campus/community radio!

Part 1:  Steven Lebitsching, Eric Leblanc, Catherine Novak, Tim Chan, Bernard von Schulman, Ian Cochran, Joy Illington

Part 2:  Giovanna Greco, Aldo Nazarko, Brian Webster, Jack Showers & Sondra Barrand, Demetrios Tsimon, Kate Pasieka, Teddy Aberg, Greg Pratt, Jo Vipond, Matt Wright

Part 3:  Alex Solunac & Brian Schofield, Janet Rogers, Arnold Van Klaveren, Tim Beasley, Lyn Davis, Rachelle Adema, Marshall Anselmo, France Gervais, Andrea Wong

Part 4:  Sharon Hazelwood & Ken Orchard, Wendy Wall, Mike Griffiths, Chris Cook & Janine Bandcroft, Ashly Kissman, Jeb Gordon, Randy Gelling

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