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Music Submissions Guidelines & FAQs

Please read before contacting the Music Director with your questions!

Who is CFUV’s Music Director?
The one and only, Troy Lemberg, is CFUV’s Music Director for all formats (rock, folk/roots/blues, hip hop, electronic, jazz, world, metal, classical, etc.)

Contact Information:
(250) 721-8700

Tracking: Email/Phone. Tracking hours Thursdays 11am-5pm PST.

Submission Guidelines

A Submission must include at least three unique tracks for airplay. We do not accept CD or digital singles as we are an album-based format, meaning we play deep cuts and don’t necessarily play only the singles from an album. There are a few exceptions to this rule as Electronic artist/DJ mixes are often released only in single formats. If this is the case reach out to the Music Director with your case.

A digital submission should be mp3 with a minimum 320 kbps and include metadata, tracklisting and a one-page onesheet/biography about yourself. Albums missing tracklisting will not be considered for airplay.

To send a digital submission prepare your full album within a compressed folder (zip) and upload it to a file transfer service and email it to . Remember to include one-sheet with information about your release. We also accept bandcamp download codes. If your album is uploaded to !eDDS please mention that as a place to download your album.

Need some suggestions for places to upload your album: WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Box, Bandcamp, or other download codes from sites. Please try to avoid sending your files as attachments in an email. If you are sharing a private link via dropbox make sure it is to the email

If you are a local artist please send your release physically if it exists in that format. We are located in the Basement of the Student Union Building here at UVic in B006. If you are unable to come to campus you can drop off your release at Ditch Records or Cavity Curiosity shop and mention it is for CFUV to pick up.

We still take physical of local releases as we want to preserve a local history of art created here in Victoria. We take all local releases.

Sometimes you need to still send us a physical release. Maybe you want to do a giveaway on air. Some genres get better airplay with physical releases that are shared with the DJs after being digitized to our library. If you want to mail us your release or giveaway you can send to

CFUV 101.9 FM
C/O Music Director
PO Box 3035
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC
V8W 3P3, Canada

Do you need to send it by Courier?

CFUV 101.9 FM
University of Victoria
3800 Finnerty Rd
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2 Canada


Once it shows up, it is downloaded into a folder for review by the Music Department. We’ll give it a listen and see if the recording fits in here at CFUV! We receive a lot of submissions so sometimes it can take a bit before a release is reviewed.

If the recording is accepted it will be placed in our library for our DJs to spin if they choose to do so.

If we feel that the recording is not a good fit for CFUV we may pass on the release meaning that the recording will not be added to our library.

No. We’re a freeform based station. Meaning that our programmers pick what songs they choose to air on their shows. If your submission is accepted it will be placed with other new releases that CFUV receives for a period of three months. Our hosts are expected to play a percentage of these new releases. Once in our library the releases will live eternally in our ever-expanding library.

CFUV does not accept every submission that it receives and there are many possible reasons why we may pass on your music. The most common reason is that it does not meet the submission criteria.

Other reasons include overlap with commercial radio, lyrical concerns, lack of current host playing specific style or genre. We may also pass on a record because we don’t feel that a submission will get played by our current DJs.

Please remember that we focus on independent and underappreciated bands/artists. It is our goal to provide unique musical programming that does not overlap with commercial radio.

You can contact our Music Director during their tracking ours by phone or email at any time to ask what’s going on with your submission. Please do not contact other staff regarding the status of your music submission. Please note that once it arrives at CFUV it can take up to two weeks to be processed and made available for airplay.

Of course! We love to support our local scene. In fact, CFUV is recognized as a campus and community station that strongly supports its local scene. If you are a local artist please submit your release! You can also look into performing a live instudio performance

We will do our best! A lot of our DJs read from sites like and to talk about upcoming gigs during their programs. If you are playing local bands have them drop off a poster at the station to go up in the on-air booth.

We sure do! Check out our Live Performances page for more information! All In-studio performances are also booked through our Music Director at

No. Due to privacy laws we cannot give out the personal information of our hosts.

A lot. We receive literally hundreds of submissions every month.

We submit a weekly top 30 chart to NACC (US/Canada College) and !earshot (Canadian Campus & Community.) We also submit genre specific charts for hip hop, jazz, electronic, international, loud, and folk/roots/blues to those publications as well. Our charts are based on actual airplay of new submissions throughout the week on CFUV.

Unfortunately, we get literally dozens of these emails a day and we simply do not have the time. Its not because we don’t love you!

Call our Music Director at (250) 721-8704 or write an email and they will be happy to help! We’d love to hear from you!