Okay folks, CFUV’s been pretty quiet during the past few days as we’ve been deep in discussion with our staff, board, and the amazing family of volunteers that collectively create one of the best broadcasts around.

Like everyone else, we’re scared and we’re worried about COVID-19. We don’t know how far this pandemic will go, and we need to stay safe, stay active, and confront the challenges posed together. So we’re going to take steps.

Starting this Monday, CFUV began phasing out live, in-studio broadcasts. Every volunteer who could create from home will do so, those who need time to learn will be given time to learn with remote support from our staff. We’ll be going completely remote in terms of content production and scheduling before the week’s out. Your favorite volunteer creators and radio personalities will stay on the air, but will be creating and curating from the safety of their own homes. If you notice that timeslots or episode lengths vary over the next little while, please know that this shift will have growing pains and we’re all (staff and volunteer alike) going to be learning as we go.

Please continue to support the efforts of our volunteers, please continue to listen to CFUV (online, FM, podcasted, however you do it) as we’ll continue to share content curated with heart and soul and provide our communities and neighbours with updates regarding COVID-19 and it’s affects on the world, Canada, BC, and our home towns.

Please stay safe, stay up-to-date, and stay tuned; it’s gonna be a wild ride over the next few days, but CFUV’s always on-air and just a few clicks, twists, and buttons away.


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