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Queer Histories & Futures

What is Queer Histories & Futures?

Queer Histories and Futures is a project facilitated by CFUV 101.9 FM (UVic’s campus and community radio station) that’s all about facilitating intergenerational queer connections through live events, storytelling, and radio broadcasting. 

This is a 3-month-long initiative that aims to build relationships within our local LGBTQ+ community, as well as giving queer folks opportunities to share their stories and partake in dreaming about our collective future. We will be doing this by programming a handful of free events through October, November, and December as well as producing queer broadcasted content for CFUV.

How can I get involved?

Do you have a story you want to share? We want to help you share it! Whether you’re in a band, a spoken word artist, or just want to share a funny story about your doc marten collection, if you have anything that can be shared in an audio based format we want to hear from you. We will also be facilitating intergenerational groups to discuss topics that are important to the LGBTQ+ community, as well as sharing some of your favourite queer musicians with CFUV’s listeners.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, feel free to fill out our google form by clicking here! We will be sending weekly updates about everything going on with Queer Histories and Futures, such as future events, opportunities to get involved, and highlights of what’s coming up on broadcast. 

If you’re a queer artist and would like to share a piece of art in this newsletter as the header, and on social media, please reach out to us! Send us an email with the subject line “QH&F Art”, or fill out this google form. The art can be in any medium, as long as it can be reproduced digitally (whether created digitally or photographed). We are accepting any art by queer artists that is in a 2:1 aspect ratio. This can be newly created art, or past art you would like to share. If you want a prompt to help you create: art based on queer joy! We will need five artists, and will be able to provide a small honorarium. 


🗓️Upcoming Events

Sunday October 22nd 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm PST at Caffe Fantastico (965 Kings Road Victoria)

Take in some live music, drag, and comedy performances from some Victoria-based queer artists, enjoy some free snacks, grab a coffee from Cafe Fantastico, and explore sharing your story on air, and how to listen in the future! All queer folk (and their allies) welcome. For more information click here.

Tuesday November 14th online 6 pm to 7:30 pm PST.

FREE online art therapy workshop for queer folks, facilitated by Vahini Govender with a focus on self acceptance and self love. For more information click here

Tuesday November 17th at The Belfry Theatre (1291 Gladstone Ave)

Take in “I Think I’m Fallin’: The Music of Joni Mitchell” and join us for a group discussion and free refreshments afterwards. For more information click here.

Saturday November 25th 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm PST at Fernwood Community Association (1923 Fernwood Road)

Relax, chat, and create art with fellow queer folk while enjoying free snacks and drinks! Free art supplies and workshops. For more information click here.

Sunday December 3rd from 10am-1pm PST at CFUV 101.9 FM (3800 Finnerty Road)

Teagan and Nicola will be facilitating a nature walk in Finnerty Gardens, along with two workshops – How to Record using handheld recorders, and an Introduction to Editing workshop. There will also be snacks and tea! 

Sunday December 10th 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm PST at Belfry Theatre lobby (1291 Gladstone Ave)

Join the CFUV Queer Histories and Futures team to celebrate the broadcasting we’ve created over the past 2 months of this project! 

Listen to selections from our broadcasting, highlighting the stories, challenges, and perspective of queer folk, old through their own voices. Meet fellow queer folk through facilitated icebreakers and over the collective experience of sharing a meal. Let’s envision what an intersectional queer utopian future can look like! There will be FREE catered dinner, with gluten free and vegan options available. 

This event is free to all queer folks and allies who wish to attend, as long as space is available. No previous knowledge or participation in QH&F is necessary. We will be happy to tell you more about the project. 

More information can be found here.

Friday December 15th 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm PST at the Garry Oaks Room in Fairfield Community Centre (1341 Thurlow Rd)

We dream of connecting and caring for our communities to nurture collaborative networks of support. We see the past and present community care and initiatives resisting systems of oppression.  We dream of futures where we can all speak, love, thrive, and live.

🎙️Broadcast Archive

Meet Nicola, Ez, and Matty. They explain the Queer Histories and Futures Project and what drew them to be involved.  This episode features tracks from Kimmortal and Goodnight Sunrise. Listen to the full episode here.

Nicola and Ez share more about the Queer Histories and Futures project, along with some music and stories relating to their journeys of queerness. Including stories about their shared love of KD Lang, Ez’s 18th birthday at a gay bar in Calgary, and their dreams for the future of this project. Listen to the full episode here.

Ez brings a very special guest on the show— his boyfriend! Campbell and Ez talk about how they bonded over sleeping on Campbell’s friend’s dorm room floor, their meet-cute at a metal show, and their excitement over a couples halloween costume. Lots of sappy queer joy to be shared!Listen to the full episode here.

A conversation and exploration of Queer music with our community guest, Naomi Kennedy who recently came back from Australia. In this episode, Matty and Naomi reflected about relevant themes such as the use of pronouns, coming out, and being gender fluid. Listen to the full episode here.

This episode includes an interview with Matty and Nicola highlighting actor Alexandra Lainfiesta, discussing the importance of intergenerational connections and relationships, including her recent event in Victoria with Lina de Guevara. Ale shared a couple of her favourite songs, Esta Vida by Jorge Caledon & Jimmy Zambrano and Mi Tierra Gloria Estefan. Listen to the full episode here.

This episode is a music show created by Matty Cervantes, highlighting intergenerational music in Spanish relevant to Queer histories and futures from a LatinAmerican perspective. A musical journey that includes music from iconic singers such as Juan Gabriel and Chavela Vargas to contemporary artists such as Bomba Stereo and Mon Laferte. Listen to the full episode here.

A special Halloween broadcast featuring Ez and Quill Cooper, discussing connections of queerness, halloween, and costuming. Listen to the full episode here.

An interview between Matty Cervantes and Alejandra Orozco Quintero. Alejandra was born in Columbia and is an alumni from UVIC from the PhD Geography program, currently she is working on consulting about environmental governance and community development with exemplary work on African communities (Kenya and Tanzania) and LatinAmerican communities. In this episode, Alejandra and Matty reflect on the linkages of reclaiming the land, sovereignty, ongoing consent, agency, mutual care, community development, love and care practices in communities and how these values intersect with queerness lifestyles and queer people’s histories and futures. Listen to the full episode here.

This episode is a music show part 2 created by Matty Cervantes highlighting intergenerational music in Spanish relevant to Queer histories and futures from a LatinAmerican perspective. A musical journey from the iconic singers Juan Gabriel, Ana Gabriel and Chavela Vargas to contemporary singers such as Ricky Martin and Miguel Bose. Listen to the full episode here.

This episode is a pre-recorded interview with Matty Cervantes and a LatinAmerican Queer couple (Lucia and Eulene). This episode is bilingual (English & Spanis), but mostly in Spanish. Lucia and Eulene will be sharing their stories as immigrants and newcomers from Mexico City to Victoria, Canada. This episode includes anecdotes about art creation, nature, dreams, and hopes for the future. Listen to the full episode here.

Join Ez as he shares some of his favourite local punk bands and shares some anecdotes about being a queer person in a scene historically dominated by cisheteronormative toxic masculinity, including some original prose on the subject. Listen to the full episode here.

This is an episode in Spanish. Eu and Lucia (A Queer Latinamerican couple) came back to the studio for a live show. They shared more stories about  queer love and intergenerational music highlighting Queer culture and lyrics. Tracks include Daniela Romo, Miranda, Ana Gabriel, Monica Naranjo, Gloria Trevi, and more. Listen to the full episode here.

This episode includes an interview with Matty Cervantes and  Ha Na Park. Ha Na is a local minister sharing about queerness and spirituality. Ha Na will be covering themes around “Queering Trinity: from being a flat Trinity to the Queer-dimensional Trinity.” Themes based on queer theology on Trinity of faith, queerness and race/culture. Ha Na also will be sharing her experiences at the Queer and Faithful conference which she co-organized in Winnipeg. Also she will be sharing about her learnings from the Two Spirit and Queer People of Colour Call to Conversation with Allies conference. And, finally, she will be inviting folks to participate in the upcoming project Reconstructing Christmas Retreat (in the intersection of queering and resting). Listen to the full episode here.

Asia and Matty shared music  from Queer artists such as Kimmortal, Okan, Rae Spoon, Tracy Chapman, Mary Lambert, Jeremy Dutcher, Climbing PoeTree and more. In this episode Matty reflected about the ways we love, and how queer love allows to expand our ways of loving against hetero-normative, patriarchy and conventionalities. how do we love? —- there is no one way to be Queer and offer love, as it can be dynamic, fluid, confident, liberatory, and healing.  Listen to the full episode here.

This episode is co-hosted by Ez and Matty and includes an interview with Sylvester Stalletto, a Victoria’s Chilean Drag Stallion for the first part of the show. For the second part of the show, Naomi Kennedy is back to the studio, Naomi shared stories about being in Australia and hearing about Canadian kings getting drag race and their own journey as a drag king. Listen to the full episode here.

This episode includes an interview with Ez, Matty  and Sansal Gümüşpala. Şansal is a master’s student at UVic in sociology focusing on gender and trans+ topics. Their research interests are gender studies, social movements, and immigration. They also love crafting stories through embroidery and hosting fun and crafty events with their partner. The topic of this episode is “Breaking Boundaries: Life Experiences of Non-binary Individuals in Turkey.” Listen to the full episode here.

This episode includes an intergenerational group conversation with Jitendra, Wren, Charles, Ez and Matty. They will be sharing reflections about Queer life, T4T, coming out, identity, gender, and their intersections along with some intergenerational music suggested by Charles that includes tracks from Edith Piaf, Diane Dufresne, and The Moody Blues. Listen to the full episode here.

This episode is co-hosted by Ez and Matty and will include interviews with Tiffany Josephs and Lee Ingram. We will be discussing Land back, from the understanding that we all deserve liberation from colonialism, end occupations, care for our Mother Earth; Nature and environmental activism from Queer perspectives with Tiffany. Follow up with a conversation with Lee about her artistic journey in the performing arts and how artists are united against apartheid. Listen to the full episode here.

Charles, Wren, and Jitendra are back to the studio to chat about BIPOC and intergenerational Queer communities, media representation, music, art, community spaces, and wellness. Listen to the full episode here.

Nicola and Ez chat with Jules about spirituality, transness, and queerness as part of the first part of the show. For the second part, there will be a special guest, a poet/playwright who will be sharing some poems and stories and some personal stories. Listen to the full episode here.

In this episode Queer Histories and Futures, the team chats about Indigiqueer, Queerness, 2 spirits, Art, music, gender, mutual care, sovereignty, activism, self-determination, and other relevant topics that are important from Indigenous ways of seeing, being and living. We start this episode with a drumming circle with the participation of Aunty Collective, continuing with the circle of dialogue. Listen to the full episode here.

This project has been made possible with the support from the Community Radio Fund of Canada.