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Volunteer Training Process

The volunteer training process involves learning how to use sound equipment, reading CRTC and CFUV programming policies, learning how to put together content for a radio program, and a lot of hands-on practice time!

Each stage of the training process can be adjusted to accommodate volunteers’ individual needs. Speaking English as a first language is not necessary to volunteer.

No previous broadcasting experience is necessary. Training will be provided for volunteers of all levels of knowledge and experience.

Here is what you can expect the general on-air training to look like:

  1. Make a volunteer profile on Better Impact or contact the Coordinator of Volunteers at 250-721-8702 and
  2. Attend a New Volunteer Orientation.
  3. Complete 4 hours of general volunteer time. You could be making banners for CFUV, processing music into the library, or redecorating the office!
  4. Do a short interview with our Coordinator of Volunteers. Provide 2 references.
  5. Now get into the studios and learn about our sound equipment! Complete 2 trainings in the studio and show you know what you’re doing on a written review of the training material.

By this point you’ll know CFUV and the CRTC’s policies, how to use our sound board, mic technique, how to properly fill out a program log and how to prep a radio show! You’ll also be considered a full member of CFUV and are able to vote at the General Meetings!

        6. Record a Demo! This is a 20 minute mini radio program that exhibits your understanding of the aforementioned. Once your Demo has been approved you’re onto your very last session in the on-air training process!

In addition to the general on-air training, we also have specific trainings for our weekly volunteer positions such as in the Video Department, Audio Production, Promotions and Outreach etc.

We also offer Newsroom Trainings to those who want to produce Community Affairs content. There you’ll learn how to arrange and conduct interviews, edit content and create finished content for broadcast!


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