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Phone-In Policy

Phone-In Policy
(Passed by the CFUV BoD on April 23, 2007)


Inviting listeners to call in using the phone hybrid is an interview technique that will be employed by a program host to enhance CFUV’s mandate as an alternative student radio station. Allowing the public more immediate on-air access is meant to enhance thoughtful discussion and offer points of view seldom heard in the mainstream media.

To this end, Public Affairs programs are allowed to invite listeners to call in and be put on-air via the phone hybrid. The hosts of music focused programming are restricted to inviting musicians and artists to phone in for pre-arranged interviews over the air.

On-air volunteers hosting a Public Affairs program may only invite listeners to call in when the broadcast delay unit is present and functioning in the on-air booth.

The airing of public commentary will be the responsibility of the host of any Public Affairs program. Lack of adequate phone-in supervision by the on-air host will result in the suspension of call-in privileges by CFUV staff. At the staff’s discretion, a volunteer host may also be required to have another radio club member trained to screen calls present during the program.


Permission to use the phone hybrid for this purpose must be made in writing as part of a program proposal to the Program Director and the Programming Committee. On-air volunteers hosting a Public Affairs program will have broadcasted on CFUV for 3 months before applying in writing for permission to allow call-ins on the program. Proposals will include a list of members of the Radio Club who will screen in-coming calls.

Program proposals for a Public Affairs program to the Program Director will not rely on phone-ins to provide the majority of its content. The limit for any open-line segment on a Public Affairs program will be 10 minutes for a show of half an hour in length and 20 minutes for hour long programs.

All Public Affairs hosts with call-in privileges will attend a training session in its use as an interview technique.


Listeners should be invited to phone in and ask relevant questions of a guest who is being interviewed by the Public Affairs host. Statements of opinion on the part of the on-air volunteer or the caller should be kept brief.

Hosts will only accept a caller that has been screened and determined acceptable to be aired. Those members of the Radio Club willing to screen calls will also participate in a training session.

Callers and guests are to be treated with courtesy and respect by all those involved. If a caller swears or makes hateful or inappropriate comments the host should immediately use the delay and cut-off the caller. Afterwards the on-air volunteer should apologize over the air and inform the Program Director of the incident as soon as possible either verbally or in writing. The Program Director will log these incidents and report them to the Station Manager.


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