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Advertising Policy

CFUV Advertising Policy
(Final Draft May 16, 2007)


CFUV may allow access to its broadcast schedule for messages by for-profit businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Sponsorship messages or paid ads may be made available to socially responsible organizations.

Public service and special announcements, both forms of unpaid promotion, may be made available to non-profit organizations as part of CFUV’s social responsibility to its community of listeners and artists.

CFUV adheres to ethical standards that emphasize social responsibility to a community dedicated to intelligent and thoughtful discussion, diverse points of view and artistic expression seldom heard or publicized in the mainstream media.

CFUV will not accept advertising or public service announcements from clients who:

* Manufacture cigarette or alcoholic beverages
* Engage in poor labour practices
* Have poor environmental practices
* Support racist, sexist, homophobic or other discriminatory practices as per the B.C. Human Rights Code
* Manufacture or market military equipment
* Represent partisan political groups or third parties
* Attempt to proselytize or convert as part of religious advertising. (We do accept advertising for cultural events that may be of a religious character, providing that they are of interest to a broad spectrum of the community.)


All potential ad clients and their respective advertising will be submitted to the Station Manager for approval. Volunteers need the approval of the Station Manager to solicit program sponsors or other advertising. All sponsorship or advertising agreements must be negotiated by the Station Manager.

Complaints as to the content of ads or announcements aired or the socially responsible conduct of any advertiser may be directed to CFUV staff. Anyone filing a complaint will be asked to substantiate their complaint with information documented by research from a credible source.

The Station Manager will review any documented complaint. Any organization determined to be in breach of CFUV’s ethical standards may be refused future access to CFUV’s schedule. Documented complaints will be compiled and presented to CFUV’s Board of Directors at their next scheduled meeting.



In keeping with CFUV’s mandate as an alternative radio station any advertising approved and produced for broadcast will reflect the production style in keeping with the alternative aesthetic of CFUV.

All potential advertisers will be informed of CFUV’s advertising policy. The Station Manager will make an effort to ensure that potential advertisers conform to the ethical standards of CFUV. The Station Manager may ask the Board of Directors to approve the Station Manager’s recommendations regarding potential advertisers.

Ad copy may be accepted from a client but will be subject to revision in order to meet station requirements. Ad copy will need to conform to the following guidelines:

* Will include no language of an exaggerated nature
* Will not contain comparative or competitive references
* Must not be dramatizations
* Must not include ‘jingles,’ although background music is acceptable
* All sponsorship messages and mentions are read in a ‘live copy’ manner (i.e. read in a calm, sedate unperturbed voice, without resort to artificial urgency or pointless giddiness).
* Messages may incorporate the names of the sponsor, the address, hours of business and a brief description of services or products that the sponsor provides; including the price, name and brand name of the product.


A client may be allotted no more than sixty seconds per sponsor message. The standard spot should be thirty seconds in length. Any spot over thirty seconds will be charged the full sixty second amount. For a single contract, advertisements may be aired no more than 28 times in a single week.

Frequency and placement of the ads will be detailed in the advertising contract with the client and scheduled by CFUV staff on individual program logs. Programmers will not refer to nor editorialize about client message or content.

No more than three ads or sponsorships may be aired per hour of programming. Programmers are not to mention tickets prices for cultural events or concerts on air. The exceptions for this are events co-sponsored by CFUV or a broadcast that features an interview with organizers or artists of an event.


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