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Women’s Collective Mandate

CFUV Women’s Radio Collective Mandate and Procedures

November 20, 2009



The Women’s Radio Collective at CFUV exists to promote the participation of self-identified women in community radio. The collective serves to support, to give information, to provide training and to give air time to women and women’s issues. The Collective encourages support internally and within the larger community. Women are involved as listeners, program hosts, program guests, producers, musicians, volunteers, staff members, work-study students, Program Schedule contributors and executive or general CFUV committee members.



CFUV strives to promote a diverse and alternative set of programs on-air that require a variety of voices, opinions, histories, backgrounds, and gender-based views. If a group is not or underrepresented, CFUV can give them time on-air.

The Women’s Collective is a body within CFUV, and our policy is the same. These guidelines are adaptable, if necessary, to serve the Collective as it grows.



The Collective is involved in the following:

Promotion of women in Victoria’s arts community:

  • Featuring women artists as guests, hosts, co-hosts, musical guests, etc.
  • Playing music by female artists, or music produced by women.
  • Featuring and publicizing charity events, performances (musical, theatrical, or other), festivals, workshops, etc. that include women in the arts.

Promotion of involvement and representation of women, women’s groups, and women’s issues:

  • Including more women artists in the CFUV Chart Releases and music library enabling women’s music to be played on a variety of shows (including Collective-produced shows).
  • Raising awareness of women’s issues as part of spoken word programming.
  • Generating interest for new female volunteers and including existing volunteers in new projects.
  • Promoting involvement through the Women’s components of Fundrive.

Maintaining programming that is female-produced and presented:

  • Producing Women on Air and Big Broadcast.
  • Encouraging the creation of new women’s programming when possible.

Building a strong and stable team of Collective members and supporters (all genders):

  • When new female volunteers come through, have them move through the training process to become full on-air volunteers in a reasonable period of time.
  • To provide a supportive and encouraging environment for learning and gaining experience in production.
  • The team provides technical support for spoken word content, promos and introductions for Collective programs.


Procedures for New Volunteers

New women volunteers can complete three hours with the Volunteer Coordinator and three hours with the Women’s Collective Coordinator. New volunteers must complete three hours with the Volunteer Coordinator, and can then choose to complete the next three with the Women’s Collective Coordinator. After these six hours are completed, no more hours toward on-air production can be completed until the volunteer is on-air trained. This is to promote fully trained volunteers who can be full contributors and to create a larger group of women producing and hosting shows.

Collective meetings do not count towards these hours. New volunteers can shadow a host while she is on-air, act as a guest or panelist, research and conduct interviews (under supervision), provide content through personal anecdotes, select and research music, review music, films, books or other media, and assist with general office work.

Volunteers who are not on-air trained cannot be in the station outside of staff hours, edit audio, tech the board, rent out portable recorders, or go on-air alone.

There are many tasks available, including shadowing, so volunteers should take this opportunity to try as many different jobs as possible within their three hours.

Support is always provided to those who need it, regardless of their progress in training.



All self-identified women volunteers at CFUV are members of the Collective. They are added to the Women’s Radio ListServ to be informed of collective activities, and are welcome to attend meetings. They are also encouraged to contribute content for the Collective’s Shows. Non-members are also welcome to attend meetings, but cannot vote on decisions.



The Women’s Collective meets about every month, or at the discretion of the Coordinator. During each meeting, one member will be responsible for taking minutes. These will be distributed to all members through ListServ.

When an issue of importance is brought up at a meeting, a decision is made by vote. Ideally, the members present will come to a consensus, but if not, the decision will be made by the majority via a vote. Only members present at that meeting may vote.

Show topics for Women on Air will be decided at these meetings. Also, if they are not already established, rotations for Big Broadcast will be set. These must adhere to both CFUV and CRTC standards. If any issues are brought forth by volunteers, the Coordinator, if necessary, will inform the appropriate staff member.



Women on Air – spoken word, Thursdays from 1-2 pm

Big Broadcast – women in music, Mondays from 9-10:30

These times are subject to change as needed, but cannot be changed on a regular basis.

Women on Air is a forum for women to speak about issues of interest to them. All women are welcome to participate. The function of “Women on Air” is to give air time to women’s issues and women’s perspective on topics of interest.

Scheduling for hosts and topics must be approved by the Coordinator. The Coordinator is responsible for the show schedules and content, although they do not need to be present as a host for every show. Please see the show proposal for further details.

Big Broadcast is a show for women in music. A rotation of hosts is usually set ahead of time. This show functions to play music by women and will also serve to provide greater detail on women in music. Please see the show proposal for further details.

New female-produced shows are always a possibility, and as they are created, this list will be expanded.

Women who are interested in these programs may sit in as observers as the show happens on-air, providing they have permission from the Coordinator and the on-air volunteer hosting. They may also shadow the Coordinator or a fully-trained volunteer (under the supervision of the Coordinator) through the audio editing process or other technical aspects of production. They may not perform these tasks alone until they are on-air trained.



Other CFUV On-air Volunteers can assist with production when required, although it is encouraged to have women involved in as many aspects of production as possible. It is of utmost importance that women who volunteer with the Collective work towards being fully on-air trained, enabling them to be a part of the technical team.

Fully-trained volunteers are permitted to record and edit audio, tech the board for another on-air volunteer, create promos and show introductions, prepare shows for podcasting, use portable recorders and host shows on their own. Tasks are delegated at meetings or between the Coordinator and volunteers by e-mail, phone or in person. Volunteers who have not completed training may ask permission of trained volunteers to shadow any process that they are curious about.

Projects that are not content for a regular women’s show but will contribute to special programming or to a segment with regards to women’s issues on another show will be put to the Collective. If possible, women who are interested will contribute to this project.



All financial decisions and transactions must be approved by the station manager. These choices are not made solely within the Collective, but ideas and suggestions may arise during the meetings.


Women’s Collective Coordinator

The Coordinator works with volunteers at all levels, staff members, fellow Work Study students, community members and others to produce content for shows. She is also responsible for communication within the collective. When required, she will also host and produce shows. She also acts as all figures listed below, and may delegate tasks as needed.

General Duties:

  1. Obtain and e-mail meeting minutes to the ListServ
  2. Give notice of meeting time, place and agenda within up to two weeks of the date (about one week is good notice)
  3. Check the Coordinator e-mail account regularly, read press releases in consideration of show content
  4. Reply to questions and concerns of volunteers and others, and address them as appropriate
  5. Identify issues or challenges with shows, Collective processes
  6. Review program proposals, ensure that programs adhere to standards
  7. Coordinate the Radio-thon during the Fundrive
  8. Assume responsibility for all tasks that she delegates to others.

Meeting Facilitation:

  1. Decide times for meetings, booking rooms
  2. Inform the collective of meeting times and locations
  3. Create an agenda for meetings and ensuring that all items are addressed and ensure that long discussions are eventually ended to allow time for all topics
  4. Ensure that meetings last no longer than an hour
  5. Conduct votes when needed
  6. Take meeting minutes and give them to the Coordinator to send out to everyone
  7. Make a note of all those in attendance

Program Coordination:

  1. Take responsibility for having all rotation slots filled in advance of broadcast
  2. Prevent no-shows by ensuring all programmers are aware of their program commitments (via e-mail reminder, for example)
  3. Responsible for the content of that day’s show, no matter if they act as the host or not
  4. Host and produce show

Production Coordination:

  1. Delegate production work
  2. Be aware and maintain a list of fully trained volunteers, volunteers in-process
  3. Have a list of interested volunteers who can act as technical assistants
  4. Encourage volunteers to get through their training





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