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Big Broad Cast

Big Broad Cast — Monday 9:00-10:30pm

Host: Rotating

Description:  An eclectic show about women in music hosted by women DJs at CFUV.

Website: To visit the CFUV Women’s Collective website, click here.

Listen to a STREAM of last week’s show:

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(From Renegade Radio, Fall 2010)

Big Broadcast

Geneviève Dale tells Renegade Radio about Big Broadcast: A Women’s Collective show that airs on CFUV from 9:00-10:30pm

What is Big Broadcast? How is it unique from other shows?

In a nutshell, the Big Broad Cast is a celebration of women in music. This means that the host will make a playlist focusing on female contributions. This can mean the entire band, some members of a band or an artist is female, the producer, songwriter or composer, basically any which way a woman has made the music. This really gives you a lot of freedom, because you can play any genre. Also, a lot of hosts choose to talk about issues from a gendered lens on the show and use it as a forum for conversation. It’s an inclusive show for all genders, but the focus is first and foremost on women.

How can women get involved? Why should they?

If a volunteer is on air trained they can host the show. I’ll sometimes ask a new volunteer if they want to help contribute to a show by choosing some songs and doing a bit of research. Women can also come on as co-hosts. I think that this is a great show for women to get involved because one, it’s only once a week and that is a very manageable

time commitment and two, when you put the playlist for the show together, it’s focused on women in music. You start to see how much work women do creatively. Sometimes you see people be dismissive of that, which is really unfortunate. This show aims to flip that around. If you’re interested in hosting, e-mail me and I can get you on the rotation!

Why only women?

As I said, the show focuses on women as a way of showing the creative work that women contribute to the world of music. Also, women listeners make up per cent of the average radio audience. Personally, I would estimate that number as a little higher. However, female hosts and producers number at around 20 to 40 per cent. Having a show that focuses on women and women in music helps to even that [number] out a bit more.

Can you share a little history about Big Broadcast/ Women’s Collective.

Before there was the Big Broad Cast, there was a show called Invoice, which was renamed Beating Time. And now people are talking about changing the name again! A “women in music” show has been around since about 1984. The Women’s Collective has been around since then too. A structured collective like ours is very unique, actually. I believe there is only one other one, at CHRY in York, I think. The Collective also produces a public affairs show, Women on Air.

What can listeners expect?

This is a great question, and I can’t really answer it! Every week, there is a different host from the rotation, so it really is up to them what ends up being played. You should expect to hear talented women in pretty much every genre. We’ve had hosts focus on folk, hip hop and R&B, metal, experimental, electronic, indie pop, Bollywood, poetry, twee it’s really endless.

Your top artists/songs to play?

Personally, I end up playing a lot of upbeat and quirky tracks, or idiosyncratic Canadian music. Love the quirky stuff! My typical playlist would include Shapes and Sizes, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Best Coast, Camera Obscura, Sia, Hannah Georgas, Auf Der Maur, The Pack AD and Dum Dum Girls.


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