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  1. Chris Pett says: March 25, 2019

    Awesome killer show.. will you share the playlist for today? Thanks and will listen again

    • Nicola says: April 12, 2019

      Hi Chris, thank you, and thanks for listening!

      Here’s the playlist for March 25th:

      Joni Mitchell Cactus Tree
      Abigail Lapell Little Noise

      Hawksley Workman Battlefords
      Wintersleep Weighty Ghost

      Hansmole Soothing Syrup
      Inland Island Alive & Well

      Milk Melty
      Peach Pit Seventeen
      Tiny Havoc Empire

      Tei Shi Keep Running
      Men I Trust Say, Can You Hear
      Devours Late Bloomer

      Alvvays Adult Diversion
      Land of Talk This Time

  2. Olivier says: March 4, 2019

    Hi! Love the music. Where can I find the playlist of your show? Thx!!

    • Nicola says: April 12, 2019

      Hi Olivier! Thanks for listening 🙂

      The playlist from March 4th is below!

      March 4th 2019:
      Milk Mattress Ranch
      Hawksley Workman Battlefords
      Milk Melty

      Joni Mitchel Chelsea Morning
      Inland Island I Find, Anyways
      Kathleen Edwards Summerlong

      Tiny Havoc You + Me
      Alvvays Not My Baby
      Peach Pit Sweet FA
      Bridal Party Hot Daze

      Loving Sweet Fruit
      Bahamas Caught Me Thinkin
      Looelle Sun Is Out

  3. Jake says: June 11, 2018

    Hi, I am trying to figure out what song was played around 10am right after New Love Underground- Prom Night Breakup on the June 10th/2018 broadcast. Any help would be great! Thanks.

  4. Chris says: January 5, 2018

    This was great! Hope to hear more from Georges.


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