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  1. Ben says: April 18, 2018

    What band is this? they are
    so bad ass

    • cfuvmd says: April 18, 2018

      Hi Ben,

      This is what was played on today’s 10-11
      Artist – Track
      Nap Eyes – Sage
      Nive & The Deer Children – Space Song
      Haley Blais – Seventeen
      Dusted – No Prison
      Goat Girl – The Man With No Heart or Brain
      Erica Eso – Love-gun
      En Attendant Ana – Tinkle Twinkle
      Unknown Mortal Orchestra – How Many Zeros
      Young Galaxy – River
      Washing Machine – Peace and Love
      Tough Customer – ???
      Never Betters – Suff
      Kitten Forever – Afterlife 2 * This was on at 10:46-10:48 when you posted this!
      Frigs – Gemini
      MIEN – Earth Moon
      Sloan – The Lion’s Share


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