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  1. Tereza says: February 6, 2019

    What was the last song played this morning right before 7:00 (starting at 58:38 on the above recording)? Thanks!

  2. Susannah says: August 22, 2018

    Just heard a beautiful track, male vocalist, sounded like Devon Walsh/Magical Cloudz . It was at about 10:10 am. Who was it? Thanks!

    • cfuvmd says: August 28, 2018

      Hi Susannah!

      It was Devon Welsh! He has his first solo album out now! That was the track called I’ll Be Your Ladder. The album is called Dream Songs.

  3. Ben says: April 18, 2018

    What band is this? they are
    so bad ass

    • cfuvmd says: April 18, 2018

      Hi Ben,

      This is what was played on today’s 10-11
      Artist – Track
      Nap Eyes – Sage
      Nive & The Deer Children – Space Song
      Haley Blais – Seventeen
      Dusted – No Prison
      Goat Girl – The Man With No Heart or Brain
      Erica Eso – Love-gun
      En Attendant Ana – Tinkle Twinkle
      Unknown Mortal Orchestra – How Many Zeros
      Young Galaxy – River
      Washing Machine – Peace and Love
      Tough Customer – ???
      Never Betters – Suff
      Kitten Forever – Afterlife 2 * This was on at 10:46-10:48 when you posted this!
      Frigs – Gemini
      MIEN – Earth Moon
      Sloan – The Lion’s Share


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