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Host: Rod McCrimmon

Description: “Eclectic” means a broad and diverse range of sources, and that is what ECLECTIC MUSIC (the show) is. Alt-americana, folk. folk-rock, Celtic, world music, old time country, bluegrass, Western swing, rockabilly… it’s all here on “Eclectic Music”.

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  • Thursday - 9:00 am - 11:00 am


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    1. Robert says: October 31, 2019

      Hey, Rod, you should feature a song by Bria Kam on your next segment of Eclectic Music. Bria is an American singer/songwriter and one half of the YouTube lesbian couple BriaandChrissy. Last year, the couple got married. Bria released her second solo album last May and the album is called 30 Years. Bria’s new single came out last September and the single is called “Whiplash”.

    2. Ken Dunn says: April 8, 2019

      Hi Rod, Just enjoying your show on CFUV! I’m an old folkie who will touring on “The Island” in a few weeks. I’ll be in Victoria at the Spiral Cafe on April 27 and wondered if you might mention it on your show and perhaps spin a tune. I can send you some music files if you like. Peace and best wishes, Ken

    3. Jared from Wilseyville CA says: November 1, 2018

      Greetings CFUV 101.9 and Rod,

      Cheers to quality programming! your selections have me dancing,singing along and feeling it!
      I’m streaming from California currently… 11/1/2018 is the first show I’ve streamed & just wanted to let you know a loyal listener is back!

      I grew up about 7 miles from Victoria. across the deep Haro strait on the west side of San Juan Island ,Washington. we could see the lights of the Victoria at night shimmering to our perch on the cliffs above the water. It was the ONLY Underground voice and I was grateful that by chance or happenstance I was able to tune into this radio from another country.
      I would park out in the dark and listen for hours until the early morning.

      a huge influence in my life and I tuned in heavily For a dose of…

      Musical inspiration and a connection to wider circles and orbits! Now 25 years later,

      with the internet I can continue my love affair with CFUV!

      GREAT SHOW and THANK YOU Rod McCrimmon and all the producers who keep us inspired through music! All I can say is I’m grateful to have CFUV in my life again !


    4. Lesia Kohut says: October 11, 2018

      Hell Rod,

      The second last tune of today’s show – some of the lines sounded like “I’m a-walking on the wrong side, I’m a-tickin’ to the wrong time…” – who was this please? It has a ska/fast reggae feel to it, and reminded me of The Beat in so many ways, however, I’m pretty sure it’s not them.

      Thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing from you soon! 🙂


    5. Lesia Kohut says: January 11, 2018

      Good morning!

      Enjoying today’s show, and am reminded of a holiday themed reel (Celtic/east coast sounding) you played on November 30th at around 9:30am.

      Can you please tell me the artists and name of the cd?

      Thanks so much for the great tunes Rod!

    6. Jennifer says: December 5, 2017

      Some really cool songs that you’re playing here. Would you be able to play Ink Sticks & Stones “Full Blue Moon”?

    7. Jenn says: October 26, 2017

      Around 8:30 am you played a lovely cut sung by ‘Iliana Gomez’? Couldn’t stop the car to write her name down. May I ask you to repeat the name for me? Thanks so much!

    8. kari fox says: April 27, 2017

      Hi Rod, Your Eclectic Music & Aloha from Victoria have been my favourite radio shows for a number of years. Thank you!!

      • Rod McCrimmon says: April 27, 2017

        Thanks Kari, it is great to have loyal listeners!

    9. Lois George says: January 19, 2017

      Hi Rod. Give Nicolas Meier Trio a listen if you haven’t already heard them. They played at St Ives Arts Festival where I bought their cd ‘Kismet’. Enjoy! best, Lois

      • Rod McCrimmon says: April 27, 2017

        Hi Lois, Great to hear from you – sorry for the slow reply, I didn’t realize the comments were filling up on my link. I will check out Nicolas Meier.

    10. Sherry says: December 21, 2016

      Good morning Rod,

      Thank you for an amazing show this morning! Also, thank you for all your time dedicated to this show.

      Happy Holidays,

      • Rod McCrimmon says: April 27, 2017

        You are very welcome

    11. dave says: July 28, 2016

      There was a really lovely song today (Thursday July 28, 2016) at around 9:55am and I missed the name. It started as a very minimalist ephemeral duet between a stringed instrument and another instrument. any chance you could tell me what it was?


    12. Jesse Bos says: September 10, 2015

      Hello to Rod Mcrimmon

      I did not know your radio station even exsisted, but on Thursday, Sept.10th while I was out jogging, I dialed my little Sony radio (that I listen to on headphones) onto a good song. I kept it on the station and you played a whole bunch more good songs. I managed to get the number of the station ( 101.9 ) and when I got home I googled it to see if I could find these songs on a playlist but either I can’t figure out how to access your playlist or you don’t have one to access online. Would you be able to send me a copy of the playlist for Sept 10th 800am and 100am? Somewhere starting from a Spanish salsa song that I only remember part of the name Esprecion de something or other, and another one called 1000 lovers, but there was a whole bunch of songs in between those two that I really liked as well. I didn’t have time to listen to any more but I’m sure there were more I would probably like too, So that is why i am asking you if you could please e-mail me a copy of the songs you played that morning.
      Thank you so much for your time!!! Again, the date was Sept 10th (2015) 8-10am

      And thanks again!
      Jesse Bos

      • stationmanager says: September 10, 2015

        Hi Jesse,

        Thanks! The track you heard was The Lula All Stars and Lynn Miles “1000 Lovers.” We’re working on a new design for the website that will hopefully include individual shows playlists for the past week.


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