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Garage Grooves is hosted by Alex Solunac and Brian Schofield.

Garage Grooves features 1960’s Garage, Beat, Psychedelic, Surf & Hot Rod, Folk Rock, Frat Rock, Bubble gum, Freak-beat, and also features today’s bands that have similiar sounds and spirit of the bands from 1963-69.

This program is Canada’s longest running 1960’s Garage music radio program. It was started back in 1989.  Alex started co-hosting in 1992 and Brian came on board in 1999.

Every Friday night from 8-10pm Pacific Standard Time. You can tune in at or by tuning in at CFUV 101.9 FM

If you have a request you can call in, or text at 250-721-8700

Check out Garage Groove’s Facebook page at:

Are you in a band and want me to play your stuff on Garage Grooves?  Contact Alex or Brian!!!

Listen to a STREAM of last week’s show:


  • Friday - 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Monday - 12:00 am - 2:00 am


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    Tell us what do you think.

    1. Stephen MacLeod says: January 26, 2018

      What was the song and artist played after The Guess Who-This Time Long Ago might be called Say You Love Me. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.

    2. Stephen MacLeod says: December 31, 2017

      Great show,love the oddball and obscure psych rock. Should play Hold On-Sharon Tandy on ATCO/ Atlantic Records as well as some Staccatos.

    3. mr ed says: March 17, 2017

      hi gang

    4. Richard Skelly says: February 3, 2017

      Hey guys–burn a copy for posterity of the Victoria retrospective show featuring Glen Parfitt and the Motifs alumni!! It’s one for the ages.

      My wife (who club hopped in late ’60s Victoria) loved it too. We’re both trying to imagine Valdy playing bass in a rock band. We thought he’d always been a folkie.

      • Alex Solunac says: February 6, 2017

        Hey Richard,

        I’m going to ask Glenn if he can line up some other Victoria bands from the 60’s to come up on the show in the next few weeks. I will be letting folks know on the Facebook page for Garage grooves. We should have you and your wife up on the show to let folks know what the Victoria 60’s scene was like… 🙂 Thanks!!! Alex

    5. ed says: December 31, 2016

      scarlett ribbon is the quiet jungle

    6. ed says: September 10, 2016

      fabulous french penny lane

    7. Ben says: September 2, 2016

      Great music! it would be fabulous if you guys could upload a playlist of the songs you play, or send it to an email-list of interested people who sign up. I would be in.

    8. ed nadorozny says: August 29, 2016

      i see you played the seeds. the two 45’s on mgm are cool. as are some of the yahowa 13 cuts with sky singing. actually the yahowa records are decent too

    9. ed n says: August 20, 2016

      thanks for the plug
      mr ed

    10. ed nadorozny says: August 5, 2016

      your sratchy shadracks 45 sounds just like my scratchy copy.

    11. ed nadorozny says: August 5, 2016

      fab show !!

    12. HH says: August 1, 2016

      You said: 33 and a half (in reference to the RPM of an LP.) It’s actually 33 and a third RPM.

    13. D'Arcey Dennis says: April 28, 2016

      So much fun, thanks. I find myself sitting around with a pen so I can find this stuff later. Sweat candy

    14. Isaiah says: December 15, 2015

      What’s the name of the song that said “wait wait sorry sorry” a bunch of times?

    15. the Coreman says: September 5, 2015

      A totally groovy show, man.

      • Tony Karagianis says: October 11, 2017

        Alex and Brian , Thankyou so much fior having us last Friday , we had a great time and we really enjoyed the show emmense ! Jon and I would like to play some live tunes acoustically on your show, let us know. Your ads from your sponcers totally cracks me up and the great vintage music that you both keep alive is most important for all to enjoy! Yours Truely , AEK

      • Tony says: November 4, 2017

        Man,this is an intensely groooovy show ,love the Harry Harrison clip !

      • ed says: April 26, 2019

        fabulous show. you need a chatroom so everybody can talk


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