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  1. Adelyn Blair says: November 12, 2015

    Kluane, You’re killin it! <3

    • Kluane says: November 12, 2015

      Aww thanks Addy! Were you listening to today’s show or the one from last week about facilitation?

  2. nano says: February 16, 2016

    Who was the guest speaker on todays show.

    • stationmanager says: February 17, 2016

      Show topic: Love & Relationships (friendship, family, coworkers, romantic)

      Guest 1: “Sarah” – talking about online dating (Tinder) from a queer perspective (because of personal nature of the topic, preferred using a pseudonym).
      Guest 2: Leon Buser-Rivet – a 16 year old male chef’s perspective on love and relationships, feminism and gender in the food industry.
      Guest 3: Julie Rivet – gender in engineering and science & tech professions, gender-neutral parenting.


      Kluane Buser-Rivet
      CFUV Women’s Radio Collective Coordinator
      University of Victoria
      Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ Territories


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