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  1. Scott Nicholas Amendolare says: April 14, 2016


    Love the show, listening as I write this-you are playing an Anthony Manning selection. Would it be possible to get a rundown for this week’s broadcast?



  2. Cam says: July 21, 2016

    tracklist for 21/07/2016

    “..real people whose unity lies in a common sound + spirit and whose ‘listening music’ cannot be described as either soulless or machine driven. the atmosphere and emotion come from the musicians, their machines are merely the means to a human end”
    – liner notes, artificial intelligence vol. I

    laraaji – universe
    kisber – look a blizzard
    purl – inapo
    boards of canada – in a beautiful place out in the country
    mindspan – snowflake
    elka – silver beach
    elka – jayrex story
    dan abrams – a shell
    monolake – television tower
    the passenger – summer moon
    stephen rippy – shamburger
    the higher intelligence agency – elapse
    dmx krew – spook show
    segue – westcoast trail
    cahill locksmith – pocket knife morals
    dirty inputs – the runcible
    orbital – halcyon on+on

    • Maria says: August 18, 2016

      awesome thanks for taking the time to post a playlist 🙂


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