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Description: CF/UV-Rays are special presentation programs produced by assorted DJs from CFUV and sometimes special programs from other campus and community radio stations.

The content of these timeslots will be determined on the day of the broadcast. Tune in for a surprise program by one of CFUV’s all star radio hosts.

If you’re interested getting involved in CFUV and joining the program schedule visit our volunteer page!

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  • Monday - 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
  • Tuesday - 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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    1. André Bisseck says: September 20, 2019

      Artist – Track Title
      Sophiite – Ejection (Tool)
      Human Rays – Neverendless
      Inuti – Gränsdragning
      Claus Poulsen – The Ambient Bath
      James Welburn – Hold (Version)
      Rrose – Deësis
      Denise Rabe – Sunfall (Insolate Remix)
      Wrong Assessment – Above The Below
      Jeremy P Caulfield – The Moral Rails
      Reggy Van Oers – Trephining
      Takaaki Itoh – Prescription
      ASC – Steadfast
      Temudo – Watering Dead Plants
      Oscar Mulero – Generator
      Shifted – Seel
      Jokasti & Nek – Quitting is for Quitters
      C L E R G Y – Brain Disorder
      Uväll – Inversion (Nørbak Remix)

      Artist – Track Title
      Oscar Mulero – Metalix
      Specific Objects – Unintentional Desire
      Apart – Cells
      David Meiser – Tampus Fugit
      Surgeon (Intro) – (Version II)
      Physical Therapy, MATRiXXMAN – Radiation
      Simic – Valley
      Boding – Første Film
      Balfa – Y Lo Que Queda
      Balfa – Como Si De Agua Se Tratase
      kuf – Kva°llsloop
      Kuf – Loopizm
      Refracted – Drone Ship
      Acronym – Burgundy Soul
      Pris – Flagrant Foul
      Denise Rabe – Don’t leave
      Brian Sanhaji – Centroplex (Denise Rabe Remix)


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