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Host: Siobhan

Description: Funk punk, dance punk, disco punk, post punk, art punk. A program that advocates for everything weird and wonderful, with a focus on Canadian, female and underrepresented artists.

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  • Monday - 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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    1. sean gedorio says: October 23, 2017

      whoah this is a crazy good show !! i found out about you guys thru the bandcamp interview i also do college radio and am doing a mini show on No Wave music rn, hoping on making it an actual show one day. Am Big Post punk Fan and this is exactly the type of show i want it to be eventually ! ! Yall seem Rlly cool, Good STUFF 🙂

    2. Sam says: August 30, 2017

      Jack had a blast on the show! He can’t wait to come again. Thanks Siobhan for letting him play some of his favorite tunes! Beastie Boys never go out of style!

    3. Sara says: August 8, 2017

      Go Yogi … you are the best!! ☺

      • Armando Garcia says: September 12, 2017

        Always a pleasure to fill in for Siobhan whenever I can. 2 hours of mucho fun!!

    4. Golden Retrievo says: March 27, 2017

      so good yew yew

      • Siobhan says: March 31, 2017

        I <3 u

    5. Jeb says: March 14, 2017

      yeah sio!! im a regular listener, keep up the good work gal!

      • Siobhan says: March 16, 2017

        you are an angel Jeb <3

    6. OUI says: February 21, 2017


      • Siobhan says: February 28, 2017


    7. kendra says: February 20, 2017

      omg you’re an angel <3

      • Siobhan says: February 25, 2017

        <3 <3 <3

    8. yes! says: February 20, 2017


    9. Cam says: February 7, 2017

      wow! this is super cool

    10. Liz Mantle says: January 19, 2017

      Hello Siobhan,
      This is Liz Mantle lead singer of The Shit Talkers Vancouver’s stellar all girl band. We are coming to Victoria April 1st!! We are playing Logan’s Pub and want to know if you can help us with promo and give our music some airplay ? Check us out on Youtube or Facebook. Cheers
      Oi oi oi

      • Siobhan says: March 11, 2017

        Hey Liz! I just saw this for some reason. So sorry for the late reply. I will play you guys on all my upcoming shows and promote your concert like crazy! Really dig your music. So sorry for just getting back to you now!

    11. Jack says: December 19, 2016

      My fav CFUV stream and host, keep it up Siobahn !!!

      • Siobhan says: January 2, 2017

        Thanks for the support you angel!

    12. Mike says: November 14, 2016

      Super show! A nice mix of new artists, most of which I’d never heard. Nice host with a nice vibe. Fun to hear someone so be such a passionate advocate for the local scene.


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