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The Action Index

Host: Troy Lemberg

Description: Hardcore and indie rock.


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Looking for your hardcore fix? Then there’s a program on CFUV just for you. Every Thursday night, The Action Index takes listeners on an hour and a half tour of the hardcore community. Each week, host Troy Lemberg aims to highlight what he calls true DIY hardcore that has progressed from the early 80s. The show serves as an alternative to modern mainstream’s representation of hardcore, which he feels tends to focus on fashion and marketability rather than the community, ideals and message brought forward by the bands.

The Action Index acts as an outlet for the small but active local hardcore community. Under The Action Index name, Troy organizes and promotes all-ages hardcore shows in Victoria and is now the organizer of the annual Vancouver Island Hardcore Festival.

As a vital member of the local hardcore community, Troy has a lot to offer to the listener. Each week he gives updates on the Northwest scene, band tours and new albums. The program also examines issues in the hardcore community, looking at women in hardcore, straightedge culture and problems with gang violence. His habit of collecting records from all corners of the hardcore world, fused with his constant involvement in all things hardcore in Victoria means The Action Index always has its finger on the fast beating pulse of the vibrant scene.

Whether you are a hardcore fan looking to hear the new Ceremony record, or an inquiring music lover who wants to delve into a new world of music, The Action Index has something for you. Tune into The Action Index Thursday from 6:00 to 8:00 and let Troy be your knowledgeable guide to the heavy world of hardcore.

-Ryan Ferko (from Renegade Radio, Winter 2009)



  • Thursday - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday - 4:00 am - 6:00 am


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    1. Christina says: March 7, 2019

      Amazing music at 7:35 pm on Thursday the 7th. What is playing?? How do I find out

    2. Pam says: October 22, 2015


      I heard part of an awesome band about 6:30 tonight before I lost the signal in my car. Can’t listen on my Macbook or phone 🙁
      Can you please tell me who the band was?




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