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Host: Georgie Wilson

Description: Tidal Zone is a music show aimed at waking up its early Monday morning listeners. Lots of new releases and women artists, with lively tunes from the 20s to the present, drawn from indie pop, blues, punk, folk, and other genres. I like to explore various themes, so just try to guess what might come next!

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  • Saturday - 3:00 am - 5:00 am
  • Monday - 7:00 am - 9:00 am


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    1. Jay woo says: December 17, 2018

      Daffy singing “water”….does radio get any better…i think not….luv the show.

    2. Ray Kies says: December 19, 2017

      Hey I’d love to hear “bouts” by The Muddy Hack

    3. Carlos says: November 28, 2017

      Great show last Monday! Where did you find the performer “I Am Brown”? They are no where to be seen online.

    4. Bobbalou says: May 29, 2017

      Hey what was the song called that was singing ‘im a little messed up to ride in this canoe with you’ ???

      • Georgie says: June 25, 2017

        Hi, there. Sorry I didn’t see this question earlier. The song is by BA Johnston, an interesting songwriter who writes all kinds of fun lyrics. Next time, if you have a question, I suggest you text me during the show, and I can answer right away. It’s the same as the studio phone number: 250-721-8700.

    5. Carlos says: May 11, 2017

      Despite the regular nicotine references I find the tommy carsen character a breath of fresh air

    6. Tom says: December 4, 2016

      Hey Georgie , love your show and look forward to hearing you every time , but please , please , please don`t have that tommy carsen character cover for you again.

    7. Tristan says: June 13, 2016

      I heard a song I liked on your show today and not sure what the title was. I thought you said ‘Bitch’, but can’t seem to find it!
      You followed it up with a silly one to lighten the mood if that helps.
      Hope thats enough… thanks!

      • Georgie says: June 21, 2016

        Hi. Just saw your comment. Thanks for listening. I’m away in the mountains for two weeks, but will be back at the beginning of July. I think the song you’re referring to is Ferron’s Misty Mountain. She’s great, isn’t she? Hope this helps.


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