Tune in for a surprise program by one of CFUV's all star radio hosts.

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Description: CF/UV-Rays are special presentation programs produced by assorted DJs from CFUV and sometimes special programs from other campus and community radio stations.

The content of these timeslots will be determined on the day of the broadcast. Tune in for a surprise program by one of CFUV's all star radio hosts.

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4 responses to “CF-UV-RAYS”

  1. YoGuy says:

    You have been great company for the last hour or so.
    Stay safe in these times – thanks

    • programdirector says:

      Thank you for listening. We’re glad to hear that we have provided comfort in these scary times. You stay safe too.

  2. Sherri says:

    Awesome! Great use of air space. Really important issue, give us more of this!!!

    • stationmanager says:

      Hey Sherri!

      Thanks for listening! Future episodes are in the works and will provide regular updates on Indigenous sovereignty movements and actions. We’ll be airing those eps as they come and you can also check out the Solidarity podcast page here to listen to them whenever you’d like to!

      Thank you again!

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