Let's keep in touch! From Finland to Victoria and back again every week.

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Saturday 9:30 am 11:00 am

Host: Pirkko Kiansten

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Description: The Finnish program "Soitellaan" (meaning "Let's play music" or also "Let's keep in touch!" ) offers a great variety of music from classical to occasional Finnish rock, as well as radio plays, poetry, interviews and presentations pertaining to Finnish life and culture.



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One response to “Soitellaan”

  1. Carol Sihvonen says:

    This is a nice program. Today is Finland’s Veterans’ Day. Do you know? The flags are flying against a blue sky with white fluffy clouds. A pity that we aren’t celebrating this year. ;-( Basically I’m a Swedish speaker. Raised in Seattle-Ballard among the Swedish speaking Finns for the most part. And I live in Kuopio!!

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